Peet Junior High School 2016-17

Mr. Hayhurst's 7th Grade/8th Grade ESL Reading Enrichment
& ESL English Language Arts
Course Description

Contact Information:

Teacher- Chris Hayhurst
Room- 124
Conference Period- 5th Period (2:55pm-3:10pm)

Course Description:

ESL Reading Enrichment aims to help your student exit the ESL program by focusing on the development of academic vocabulary through the use of various strategies that can be applied in any class.  Modern, high-interest topics will be the focus of study.

ESL English Language Arts begins the middle school student's preparation for literary analysis and writing at the high school level.  In seventh grade, each student must take a STAAR Writing test and a STAAR Reading test, and 8th grade is responsible for a STAAR Reading test.


  • 1, one-inch 3 ring binder
  • 1 pkg- tabbed dividers (at least 5)
  • 2 Pkgs- paper (wide ruled or college ruled)
  • 1 Pkg- Pens (black or blue; can be erasable)
My Teaching Style:

My teaching style is fun and engaging, and I try my hardest to make sure every student learns.  However, I feel it is more important that each student understands that I care about them.  As the saying goes, “Students don't care what you know until they know that you care.”

My expectations for my students are high, and I hold them accountable for everything that is expected of them.  My classroom is very structured, and it is my experience that students thrive under structure.

My class includes a variety of multimedia aspects, as well as activities that try to cater to each student's learning style.  I include brain-based instruction, which aims to show each student how he or she individually learns.  The students of today need 21st century literacy skills, and they need to understand a lot more about the world in order to be competitive in the marketplace once they graduate from high school.  It is my sincerest wish that I will empower your child with the skills he or she needs to be successful in our 21st century, information-age society.  

Grading Percentages:

Major Grades (tests, projects, etc.) = 50%
Daily Grades (in-class assignments, activities, homework.) = 30%
Quiz Grades (vocabulary quizzes, pop quizzes, etc.) = 20%

How I Grade- I Focus on Growth and Progress

My assignments are skill driven, so I only measure your child's progress in that skill.  If your child has an A, B, C, or D, that really doesn't tell you what he or she can ACTUALLY DO.  So I grade your child on the individual skills, like finding a main idea and details, or being able to accurately summarize a text.  Their grades in a given skill will fluctuate depending on the complexity of the text.

Depending on the skill, your child might be able to demonstrate the skill to me in different ways.  When this is the case, I will always give the student choice in how they want to demonstrate the skill.  

Your child will keep a “progress tracker” in my class, and they will constantly update their status in their progress tracker section of their binder. Your child will have a very good understanding of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and will have a plan to make progress and growth.

If you have access to our electronic grade book online, you will see their current grade for that particular skill.  For the most part, parents just want to check their student's overall grade, and if he or she is missing any assignments.  My grades are almost always current, and they are usually entered into the grade book on the due date.

Late Work Policy

I ALWAYS ACCEPT LATE WORK (with one exception, see below).  For me, the goal is for your child to demonstrate to me that he or she KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS what we're studying.  Not every child learns at the same pace, and all I want to see is if they understand.   

If an assignment is turned in late, and your child demonstrates mastery of the subject, he or she will receive FULL CREDIT for the assignment.  My job isn't to document your child's inadequacies and failures- it is to make sure he or she learns the material.

IMPORTANT NOTE- I do not accept late work the last week of the grading period, because I need to have a life outside of school... ;-)   

Policy for Failing Grades & “Extra Credit”

I DON'T ALLOW FAILING GRADES.  If there is a failing grade on any assignment, your child will be asked to stay for tutorials in order to learn the material to a satisfactory level.  If your child fails an assignment, expect a phone call or an email from me.

I DON'T OFFER EXTRA CREDIT. I WANT “EVIDENCE OF LEARNING.”  If your child is not doing well in a particular skill, we will work on that skill until he or she has achieved mastery of the skill.


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