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Welcome to Peet Junior High
Welcome to 2016-17  School Year!!!

What is happening this week in Spanish class?
Week of 4/24- 4/28 :  

Capítulo 5B:
Talk about family celebrations
Describe family members and friends
Ask politely to have something brought to you
Order a meal in a restaurant
Irregular Verb: Venir – know how to conjugate this verb, what it means and when to use it.
Irregular Verbs: Ser and Estar – by now you should know what both of these verbs mean, how to conjugate them and the reasons you would use one or the other. Think of your acronyms: TFCL and PNPPPTRO.
Review making comparisons – What are the three regular ways that you can compare things in Spanish? What are the four irregular comparatives? What words should NEVER go in front of an irregular comparative?
The superlative – “The extreme comparative.” What part of speech needs to come in front of a superlative? You learned four superlatives: most/least and best/worst.
Stem-changing verbs: poder and dormir – at this point, the only official stem-changing verb that you had learned was jugar. Know that a stem-changer has two parts: the stem and the regular verb ending. Where is the official stem of a verb? The verb ending will change as always but the stem change may vary from verb to verb. What stem change does poder and dormir have? What two verb conjugations NEVER have a stem change? What’s another way you can call a stem-changing verb?

Chapter 5B: copy and paste because the link does not work.

Remind 101

Virginia L. Canavero
Spanish I and Spanish II
Conference Time
6th  period
Contact Information

Museo del Prado
Madrid Spain
Madrid Spain /Puerta de Alcalá
Grading Scale
Spanish I Course Information

Week of  
04/10- 04/13

Spanish 1 Homework
Study vocabulary words
 Study vocabulary words
 Study  vocabulary
Study/ work on family project
Rough draft family project due tomorrow.


   Week of   

Spanish 2 Homework

The following grade weights apply to classes that are for high school credit.

60 % Major grades
20% Daily grades
20% Minor grades

Tutorials: Tuesdays mornings. If you can't on this day, please talk to me and we can meet another day.

Important dates:
Grammar  quiz Thursday 04/20 Chapter 5A

Chapter 5A TEST April 25Th

Family project: rough draft due 4/28
Final project due 05/03

Salsa competition : May 5 ( 5 de Mayo)
Entry form due May 3rd!

Last day to turn in your piñata May 26th!!!!

Spanish 1 is for eighth grade only, and earns one credit for the high school foreign language requirement.  In this course, the introduction to basic vocabulary and grammar will enable students to learn and discuss simple everyday topics such as:  classroom items and school, foods, leisure activities, family and descriptions of people.  Oral, written, and listening practice is stressed.  The culture and traditions of Spanish speaking countries will also be discussed.  

syllabus 2016 17.doc

Spanish II Information for the Week of
Spanish practice links and Websites for
Spanish I and II
Spanish II
Week of

What is happening in Spanish class?

Remind 101

Important dates:  
Tutorials are on Tuesday  mornings!

Spanish II blog

2 periodo

5 periodo


Click HERE to practice numbers 1-100 by choosing flashcards or a variety of games.  You can also click on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the number.

Click HERE to practice pronouncing the Spanish alphabet.  

The Alphabet Song in Spanish (the alphabet military style)

Practica de Verbos en Presente. Spanish II

Practica de Acentos. Spanish II

Practica de sustantivos y adjetivos. Spanish II

Terminos gramaticales . Spanish II

Gram@clicando/ Practicas/ Spanish II

Youtube video (song) about subject pronouns: 

To the tune of Do Re Mi

Kahoot game Chapter 1B



  • Real Academia Española

  • Atlas geográfico interactivo


  • Prueba de verbos regulares.


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